Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Red / White Cable To Headphone Jack


Parents and children: "From the fears of children in pre-adolescent crisis. How to overcome the crisis without going in!

3 meetings with Dr. Alessandra Seraglio, from Thursday 12 May 2011
Meetings will be held at Villa Marini Rubelli Sopracastello to San Zeno Ezzelini, 20.30

Thursday, May 12:
Faure, tantrums and sleepless nights
Evening dedicated parents of children up to 7 years. Their fears may become a great little daily dramas for parents: do not sleep more at night, by day the whims never stop .. What to do?

Thursday, May 19:
Aggression: Bullying and Internet
From elementary school to high school, in our children come into contact with new forms of private and social aggression. How to notice? How to deal? E 'can keep up to continuous innovation and multimedia TECHNOLOGY further complicating communication between parents and children?

Thursday, May 26 :
My dad always
psychology has dealt with the mother figure, leaving little room for the father, forgetting, perhaps, its importance. E'auspicabile a conspicuous presence of the Lord Pope, who will finally have their say, with respect to this raging female imperialism in recent years.


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